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Deliveries Abroad

1) Shipping cost to Cyprus 15eu.
Shipping to Cyprus is done with DHL EXPRESS TRACKING.

2) Shipping to other countries.
The shipping cost to the following countries (Albania, Fyrom,  Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Netherlands, Italy) is 15eu.
There are cases when shipping to some regions of Russia is charged with 25eu.

Note 1. For shipping outside the EU the recipient may be asked to pay extra (taxes, customs, etc) according to each country’s laws.
Before making your order, it would be good to be informed for any possible extra cost that may occur during your delivery.
Note 2. For special cases (for products with weight more than normal) weighing of the product may be necessary in order to estimate the extra cost of delivery.

Estimated delivery time.
For every country (except from Cyprus) the estimated delivery time ranges from 4 to 7 working days. As long as the product is sent the customer is informed for the course of the delivery with e-mail from the sales department.

Returns – Changes.
For any return – change for all the countries, the shipping cost must be paid by the customer.

Every shipping abroad included and Cyprus is done with DHL EXPRESS TRACKING.