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The use of the electronic pages and services by the visitor / user implies its unconditional agreement with the following terms of use, which apply to all content contained on its website. Therefore, the visitor / user must carefully read these terms and conditions before using the site's services and if they do not agree, they must not use the services and their content. The visitor / user is kindly requested to check the content of the terms of use for possible changes. Continuing to use, even after any changes, means the unconditional acceptance by the visitor / user of these terms.

The website includes the online store of G MOVE. tsantakishop is a company named "Χ.Ζafeiri-Χ.Βissariou Ο.Ε", with the activity of "Clothing and Footwear Trades". The headquarters of the company are in Larissa (37 Roosevelt, 41223). Χ.Ζafeiri-Χ.Βissariou Ο.Ε's main goal is to provide the best possible service to our customers. This e-shop enables our customers as well as all Internet users to get instant information about the products offered by our company and to make their purchases electronically.

Copyright and Signal
All web site design, text, graphics, selection and configuration are owned by Χ.Ζafeiri-Χ.Βissariou Ο.Ε and are the property of Intellectual Property. Subject to all rights, any text or image bearing the tsantakishop symbols is trademarks or registered trademarks and is used herein subject to the permission of their respective owners.

You can see how we use your information in the Privacy Statement. The use of the electronic pages and services by the visitor / user implies their unconditional agreement with the terms listed therein.

In order to make any transaction through Χ.Ζafeiri-Χ.Βissariou Ο.Ε's e-shop and make product orders for the company, you will be required to disclose some personal information on the part of the customer. When the order is made, the full name, the shipping address of the products, the billing address of the order (if different from the shipping address) will be requested, billing details (if an invoice payment has been selected), the number of a contact telephone, your e-mail address and, in cases where payment is made by credit card, the number, expiry date of the card and the three-digit security code (to be requested by the the partner bank payment system).

This data is processed by the Company in accordance with the application of Article 7A, paragraph 1 (b) of Law 2472/1997, in order to execute the order given by the client and in no way will it be disclosed, disclosed or sold to third parties (Law 2225/1994) or any obligations arising from the national implementation of Directive 24/2006. Your personal information is communicated via the payment system to the competent bank credit card number) and does not retain in our system, thus ensuring an even higher level of security.

WHY SHOULD I GIVE MY PERSONAL DETAILS? makes use of the information you provide to us during the electronic submission of the form in order to contact you regarding (i) the delivery of the order at your premises, (ii) confirmation and identification of the (iii) for new or alternative products offered by, (iv) special promotions on, (v) offers and news from the G- MOVE, (vi) receiving gifts after a competition draw. Your submission of your personal data means that you consent to these data being used by our employees at for the reasons outlined above. requires its employees and website maintainers to provide their clients with the security level specified in this Privacy Statement. In no other case may share your personal information with others without your prior consent, unless this is required by lawful means. Please be aware that under certain conditions, it is permissible or required by law or judgment, the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data that have been collected online without your prior consent (for example judgment).

The available products for sale, their features, prices and available stock are available at and are accessible to everyone. Users can search for more product information by clicking on the product icon. Χ.Ζafeiri-Χ.Βissariou Ο.Ε guarantees timely information to customers about the availability or non-availability of the products, but does not bear any responsibility for their availability. Χ.Ζafeiri-Χ.Βissariou Ο.Ε makes every effort every day to provide all the required information about the product (technical specifications, prices, etc.). However, in order to limit any mistakes, we would recommend you before you complete your purchase, contact us in cases where prices or any other product characteristic is beyond the ordinary and reasonable. Specific promotions and discounts may be made at specific times in the company's promotions, which will apply only to designated products and only for purchases through the website The prices listed in the relevant catalogs under each product include VAT (24%), while the online store reserves the right to readjust prices without having to inform the consumer.

Orders through the e-shop are the conclusion of a distance selling agreement, which is governed by the legislative framework of Law 2251/1994 (as it is currently in force) and the amendments referred to in Presidential Decree 131/2003 (Government Gazette A '116 / 16.05. 2003). The user has the right to make a valid order via the e-shop, provided that he is legally qualified in compliance with the provisions of the Greek Civil Code (if he has reached the age of 18 and is not in legal aid for the conclusion redit agreements sales). Orders can also be made by legal representatives of legal entities. Χ.Ζafeiri-Χ.Βissariou Ο.Ε reserves the right to claim repayment by the supervisor or guardian of any orders made by legally incapacitated persons.

You have the right to return the products you purchased and ask for them to be replaced as the nature of the clothing and footwear is such that sometimes it may not meet your expectations due to its non-physical presence at the time of purchase.
At tsantakishop we believe that the online store should not differ in anything from our physical store. So either the return is due to a change in size, color or for any other reason, for example because you were not happy with your product, it is possible to return within 15 working days of receipt.
If the refund does not take place within 15 business days then we have the right not to accept any refund for the replacement or cancellation of the transaction. We emphasize that the date of dispatch of the returned product is the one indicated by the courier on the receipt to check the date.
In any case, the returned products must be in the condition received by the customer, complete and without damage, and their packaging is the one that normally accompanies the product and is in perfect condition, together with all the documents accompanying the product (eg DAT, Retail, Load and so on). In the event of a change in size, design, color in clothing, shoe, accessory due to a mistake of customer's appreciation, the customer sends back the commodity with Genikh Tahidromiki and charges the tsantakishop and sends the new merchandise FREE (unless the product is on sale then and only then the cost of return by general postage is borne exclusively by the customer and is at 8 euros).
If the customer wants a refund and is not the fault of the company, the charge is 10 euro for the return of the product.

Briefly, the return and replacement of a product is possible under the following conditions:
▪ the return is to be made within 15 working days of the day of receipt
▪ the product has not been used
▪ the product must be accompanied by all necessary documents proving the transaction (eg DAT, Retail, Load and so on)

If the product does not meet the above conditions, it will be returned to the sender. Otherwise the redistribution cost (product replacement) costs the tsantakishop entirely for one time only.

The return process is simple and is made by phone on 2411810174. As a whole, the change process is as follows.
You are sending us the product to be changed with Speedex. When we receive it we check whether it meets the above requirements. If you do, we'll send you the new product.
It is clarified that the changes are always made to the current price of the product. If the new product you choose has a lower price than you return, you are entitled to a discount coupon equal to the difference. Money refund for the above case does not occur.

All of the above applies to orders sent within Greece. For foreign orders, the change is met by shipping depending on the area in which the shipment was made.

It is possible to cancel your order before shipping the product. Cancellation is possible by sending an e-mail to or by telephone at 2411810174 daily from 09:00 to 14:30 and on Saturdays 09:00 to 11:00.

Force majeure: If for reasons of force majeure (eg bad weather, strikes etc.) we can not deliver the products within the specified time, we will notify you by e-mail to indicate if you wish under these conditions, completion of your order. Χ.Ζafeiri-Χ.Βissariou Ο.Ε assumes no responsibility for any situation outside its own fault and will make it humanly possible for your best service.

In cases where you have registered an online order and upon receipt you find that a (or some) product is missing from the total order, please contact us to arrange all the details required and send you the products you did not receive without any extra charge.
Modification of the terms hereof: reserves the right to modify or renew the terms and conditions of transactions. The company undertakes to update this text for any change or addition to the terms.

If the ordered goods are not received (and if an unjustifiably long period of time has elapsed since the order entry), please contact a representative of For your better and faster service, we would recommend that you provide the special order code sent to the email address you provided when ordering.